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Trading company Dendera came into existence in the year 2004 as a Czech joint-stock company. All shareholders of the company were, and have been till this time, employees of this company. At first the company was active in the field of sheet-metal working, such as laser cutting and CNC-bending processes. The customer target group were preferentially small manufacturing subjects dealing with single-part production and small batch production. These small subjects met their demands with bigger suppliers of sheet metal components with difficulties only.­

The company Dendera experienced a flourishing growth in selected field of its activities and it increased its capacities in response to customer demands both in the field of laser cutting and CNC-bending. The customers came with new stimulations concerning technologies of product completion and in this way appeared step by step technologies such a boring, rough cutting and reaming openings as well as production of threads. With growing requirements in the sphere of product finishing there was built up a workshop for processing of shaped materials and consequently also the workplace for welding of sheet and profiled components to put these components together. Subsequent logical step was the offer of finishing operations, namely those of wet varnishing, komaxit-treating as well as all the methods of zinc coating. The clients wanted for the welded assemblies also some components made in the way of mechanical machining, therefore were built up two workplaces for turning and milling work on component parts.

By the middle of the year 2008 the company Dendera a.s. was able to offer manufacturing of component parts as well as welded groups which were ready for possibility of final assembly into the machines or arrangements made at the customer. The rented production facilities were not enough at such a growth of assortment and technological workplaces and so in the middle of 2008 bought firm Dendera a.s. old production premises in the municipality Němčice near Boskovice, whose history goes back to the end of 19th century, having intention to carry out full reconstruction and to move the whole production to the production facilities of its own.

Subsequent worldwide financial crisis in the second half of the year 2008 and especially in 2009 heavily affected the production in the firm Dendera a.s. and rescheduled all working plans. The heavy drop of production was, among others, caused by almost exclusive focus of the firm on Czech market and this market was dramatically cursed with, owing to very open Czech economics. This chapter in the firm history was successfully overcome thanks to consequent assertion of crisis management and saving in all spheres.

One of the learning from the financial crisis and at the same time also impetus to the future development was change from exclusive orientation on Czech market to all-European market. Customers became to be sought all over the west Europe, in Slovakia, Poland or Hungary. The result of these tendencies was the increase of exports of the firm Dendera a.s. from 3% in the year 2007 up to the 70 % on the present, speaking about volume of production. At present export is in progress to Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, France and Spain.

Growing volume of production as well as production profitability enabled, to the firm Dendera a.s., to come back to the idea of reconstruction production facilities of its own. For the support of this project the firm succeeded also in obtaining grants from resources of European fund for Regional development. The start of reconstruction premises succeeded to begin, thanks to this significant support, in the year 2014. Finishing of the new production promises continued this reconstruction. The whole project was successfully finished in the midway of the year 2015 and at the same time we also managed to carry out the difficult transfer of the entire production. At present the firm Dendera a.s. cowers an production area over 2.500 m2, as a reserve for further development of the company can be used additional 1.500 m2 of process area that can be further reconstructed.

We managed, along with new production facilities, to apply in the production further industrial processes enabling manufacturing of ever more comprehensive and more complicated products, such as water jet cutting parts, on CNC-machines shaped parts, there is extended and improved welding of construction elements as well as those of assemblies.

At present the firm Dendera is thus able to offer single-part production as well as small batch and middle batch production of a versatile product spectrum from single parts up to complicated welded assemblies with machined components including machined welded assemblies. All parts as well as assemblies can be fitted with desired surface treatment.

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  • Address: Dendera Joint Stock Company, Nemcice 93, CZ-679 51 Nemcice u Boskovic, Czech Republic
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