GRADUS 6000- console racks for holding in storage profiles

There are a large number of racks for stocking of profiles from many of European producers on actual market. Common feature of these racks is usually using of thin profiles, eventually profiles from sheet-metal, and it is resulting in low loading limit of one storey, or usage of strong I-profiles, with high bearing and big overall height.


Construction from sheet-metal has several indispensable disadvantages. It is above all low immunity of rack in case of lateral straining, e.g. at a collision of high-lift truck  with a rack lateral face, further also easy injury to rack columns at accidental collision with high-lift truck, relatively easy damage of horizontal braces at accidental braces overloading, easy damage of braces at profiles merging into the warehousing storey, in case that the high-lift truck operator will not judge the correct elevation of  merging and the profiles will strike into the horizontal consol. Very often is then possible to see on warehousing cells cautionary table „ Out of service, disuse". Horizontal consoles need then to be interchanged, and in the event of column damage it is necessary to execute very complicated correction of the all rack.


The above mentioned shortcomings led our firm to development of console racks of our own for storage of profiles, which are practically used for many years. The primary design requirement was above all high loading limit of racks and further also high rack endurance in practical running. In compliance with ours long time experience it is impossible to prevent collisions of high-lift trucks with racks, especially in firms with limited space for holding in storage. Result our development was birth of racksGRADUS.


The racks GRADUS serve for holding in storage profiles from longitude 500 mm up to the longitude 6000 mm. A small family forms racks GRADUS 3000 and GRADUS 6000, according to desired length of profiles to be warehoused. Coloured design of racks is possible according to needs consumers on the grounds of pattern book RAL. The rack is supplied in assembled state, ready for final placing in store.

Basic technical data about the rack GRADUS 6000:­
GRADUS 3000 Height2013 mm
Width6100 mm
Depth1071 mm
  725 kg
Number of console columns      7 ks 
Number of console storey      6 ks 
Loading limit of the first console from floor  500 kg
Loading limit for the first storey from floor3500 kg
Loading limit of the second console from floor  400 kg
Loading limit for the second storey from floor2800 kg
Loading limit of the third console from floor        300 kg
Loading limit for the third storey from floor       2100 kg
Loading limit of the fourth console from floor  200 kg
Loading limit for the fourth storey from floor    1400 kg
Loading limit of the fifth console from floor         100 kg
Loading limit for the fifth storey from floor  700 kg
Loading limit of the sixth console from floor  100 kg
Loading limit for the sixth storey from floor         700 kg
Loading limit of rack       11200 kg
Number of fixative points    16
Fixative elements M16

An example of the practical implemantation of the GRADUS rack

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