Racks MAGNUS – innovative racks for holding in storage residual tables

Rack MAGNUS FORMAT 1500x1500
At present majority of firms hasn't solved holding in storage of residual material sheets and plates properly. Residual sheets and plates of materials are stored leant on walls or on engineering constructions, eventually in freely loaded rest material columns, separated with wooden or plastic spacing. In better case there are used some types racks for perpendicular stocking of residual sheets with storing by hand. All these ways of solving result in great number of shortcomings:

This system of holding in storage residual tables can often result to frequent damage of stored residual tables and thereby to impossibility of their next usage in production. Residual tables are then liquidated as waste. According to experience of our company there is depreciated in this way, in case of metal plates, 2- 3% of the purchased materials and general financial losses reach of an order hundreds of thousands of as far as million crowns yearly, according to size of the company.


On the ground of the above - mentioned shortcomings and difficulties of holding in storage residual tables our company developed an innovative rack for holding in storage the residual table material, primarily metal plates. This rack is however fit for holding in storage whatever materials supplied in tables – such as glassware, plastics, plywood, rare woods etc. Structural design was entered as a patent solving. Using of this rack bears several completely cardinal advantages compared to classical methods of entry into storage:

How demonstrated by practical experience when running the rack MAGNUS, the investment in acquisition of the rack will return back relatively quickly which occurs thanks to saving of material, handling time and increased labour protection.


Racks MAGNUS – innovative rack for holding in storage residual tables Racks MAGNUS MF – format 2000x1000 mm
Racks MAGNUS – format 3000x1500 mm


Example to practical realization of a MAGNUS rack

Example to practical realization of a MAGNUS rack MAGNUS/MAGNUS MF/MAGNUS VF

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