Rack MAGNUS MF – innovative rack for holding in storage sheet tables of dimension 2000x1000 mm


At present majority of firms hasn't solved holding in storage of material sheets and plates properly. Sheets and plates of materials are usually stored columnar, separated with stacking strips, or they are eventually leant on walls or on engineering constructions. They also can be stored in vertical position with packing by hand or mechanically. All these ways of solving result in following shortcomings:

-          Frequent damage of warehoused sheets - owing to scratching, flexion, eventually abruption with non-metal materials,

-          Accident hazard - if there are material plates freely stacked, it comes very easily to injury because of sharp material edges,

-          Waste of time - the handling takes a long time, usually there is a need to work up that material panel that lies underneath of stowed sheets (Murphy-law),

-          No lucidity of storage - sector of production has usually a very bad or even chaotic survey about the sheets in store,

-          Physical effort – handling of sheets and plates is physically hard and exhausting labour.

This system of holding material in storage can often result to frequent damage of stored sheets and thereby to impossibility of their next usage in production. Damaged materials are then often liquidated as waste.

On the ground of the above mentioned shortcomings and difficulties of holding in storage sheet materials our company developed an innovative rack for holding in storage the material sheets, primarily those made out of metal, thanks to that there is a high loading limit per a storage cell. This rack is however fit for holding in storage whatever materials supplied in panels – Sheets (in steel, stainless, aluminium, brass) further glassware, plastics, plywood, rare woods etc. Structural design was entered as a patent solving. The more expensive material is stored, the higher reserve funds spring up during the storage, as using of this rack bears several completely cardinal advantages compared to classical methods of storing:

-          exclusion of panel/sheet damage – thanks to traversing of stand on horizontal rails there is almost out of the question the hazard of material damage by scoring, flexion or abruption,

-          Exclusion of accident hazard - there is out of question the hazard of injury owing to stored material panels/sheets,

-          Survey about stocked panels/sheets – material is well arranged in individual cells, what enables a perfect survey about stored materials,

-          Ease and quick handling – thanks to traversing and possibility to do storage and storage removal of panels/sheets by the help of fork truck, the handling is very easy and light, without necessity of heavy manual work,

-          Rack has a high capacity – 20 cells having loading limit of 400 kg, it means on the whole 8000 kg,

-          Universal  using - the rack is applicable to sheet-steel panels up to the thickness of 25 mm, and in case of materials with lighter weight up to the thickness 30 mm, this covers normal range of stored thicknesses with the firms cultivating sheet materials, e.g. sheet metal,

-          Robustness and service life of the construction – the rack is engineered for achievement of high lifetime of several tens of years, very robust and resistant.


Basic technical data of the rack MAGNUS MF:

 šířka2148 mm
hloubka1232 mm
výška2095 mm
hmotnost832 kg
nosnost jedné buňky400 kg
počet skladovacích buněk20
nosnost regálu8000  kg
maximální rozměr uskladněné tabule2000x1000 mm
minimální rozměr uskladněné tabule500x250 mm
maximální tloušťka skladovaných materiálů30 mm
počet upevňovacích bodů4
upevňovací elementyhmoždinky M12

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