Stow - away container on turnings or waste with a capacity of 600 l

Stow - away container serves above all for storage of turnings from machine tool. The container is equipped for this purpose with double bottom with a strainer and an escape cock. It is possible to transfer the container by hand on travelling wheels or with a fork lift on forks or with a crane by the help of lifting eyes. While using a fork lift the tilting occurs automatically after releasing the stop lever which is equipped with a safety stopper. The container is also generally fit for storing of other types of waste, up to the max. carrying capacity of the container.

Technical specifications of the container:

  Capacity 600l
Loading limit 1000 kg
Length 1290 mm
Width 1020 mm
Height 1080 mm
Fork distance 785 mm
Maximum width of forks 160 mm
Materiality 165 kg
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