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Mechanical parts from metal plate as well as from profiles are bearing production programme of firm Dendera a.s. There are concerned parts of constructional character for production and mounting of covers for machinery which are produced in bodywork quality. The parts are supplied to the customers separately or they serve as input components for others production of welded assemblies or bigger constructional units.

Parts from metal plate are cut by laser or water jet. Parts from profiled material are cut on saw. Maximum dimensions of produced parts are at laser and water jet 3000x1500 mm, on saw 6000x260x260 mm.

Maximum thicknesses of cut materials by laser cutting are as follows:
-  Structural steels 15 mm
-  Stainless steels 10 mm
-  Aluminium 6 mm
-  Brass 4 mm

Maximum thicknesses of cut materials by water jet cutting are as follows:
-  Structural steels 150 mm
-  Stainless steels 150 mm
-  Aluminium 150 mm
-  Brass 150 mm

Water jet enables of course also cutting broad spectrum of non-metallic materials. More information can be given by personnel for production preparation to our customers.

Parts from sheet can be consequently bent on CNC- press brakes. Maximum width of parts part to be bent is 3000 mm, maximum bending power is up to 2200 kN. It makes possible to bend parts to the maximum thickness of 15 mm. All folding brakes are six-axial enabling bending of very intricately shaped part.

Parts from sheet as well as those from profiled material can be further mechanically shaped by boring, core - drilling, reaming or recessing. Hydraulic threading makes it possible to produce threads in through or blind holes.

The company is moreover equipped with more types of rolling machines that make it possible to produce rolled parts from metal plate having thickness 0,8 mm up to thickness 8 mm. Parts from sheet metals under 2 mm thickness may be long at the most 1000 mm, those above 2 mm thickness can be long 1500 mm.  

All parts are produced in accuracy according to Standards ISO2768, it means accuracy middle up to coarse.

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