Surface treatments

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Firm Dendera a.s. is able to offer various surface treatments of products.

Essential treatment is tumbling of parts for the purpose to smooth away eventual frays on parts, so as to unify appearance part surfaces. Tumbling is conducted by barrel tumbling machine, the parts are then consequently dehydrated and fitted with primary anticorrosive treatment. The maximum dimensions of parts, suitable for this technology, are 250x250 mm.

Zinc coating
Very often used technology of surface treatment is zinc coating. Zinc coating it is possible to do either galvanic, or as hot-dip galvanising. In case of galvanic zinc coating it is possible to zinc parts with blue zinc, yellow zinc, black zinc, with ecological zinc as well as downmost nickel zinc. Proportions of parts are restricted with the size galvanic drums – maximum batch mixture of tiny parts amounts 130 kg in case of depositing vats where are the maximum dimensions 4000x1150x380 mm. Materiality of parts cannot exceed 250kg. In case nickel zinc is maximum batch mixture of tiny parts 150 kg, proportions hung parts are identical as with classical blue zinc, it means 4000x1150x380 mm.

Lots and welded configurations or bigger constructional units can be fitted with surface varnishing treatment namely either wet painting or komaxit. Preliminary surface treatment before application of both methods painting can be insured by sand- or steel blasting - to the proportion of parts 5000x1600x2200 mm plus materiality of parts 2000 kg, by phosphate layer - to the proportion of parts 2000x1450x500 mm and materiality of parts 80 kg and painting basic colour – to the proportion of parts 3000x2000x2000 mm and materiality of parts 2000 kg. Maximum dimension of glost oven for komaxit is 5000x3000x2700 mm, maximum dimensions of parts for wet painting are 6000x3000x3000 mm.

Special methods of surface treatment
Surface of stainless parts it is possible to treat using ballottini method– it is possible to the proportion of parts 4000x2500x2000 mm and materiality of parts 2000 kg.
In case of special demands on surface treatment, e.g. nickeling, chromium - plating etc. it is necessary to inform oneself by personnel of production preparation.
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